Monday, February 16, 2009

Lying to my grandmother

Okay, so my grandmother sent me earrings for my birthday. This would be awesome, except that I don't actually have my ears pierced... and I just lied to her on the phone and told her that I did. In my defense, this is not a complete lie because I did at one point (well, two points actually) have my ears pierced. Once when I was twelve and again when I was fourteen. They grew in both times. At the time my mother told me it was because I had an insanely powerful immune system that just couldn't stand to have holes in it. However, I think I might just have been a wimp who was too wimpy to push an earring through a closing piercing. The only reason I've been able to deal with my nose piercing is that I never change the tiny stud that lives in it -- so I never have to come face-to-face with my wimp-y-ness.

Anyway... point is... lying to my grandmother got me thinking... should I pierce my ears for the wedding? I could wear these...
From Twist Online
Yea or Nay?


christina said...

first of all, i just stumbled on your blog via two chicks nest, so exciting to find another gay bride!! hooray and congrats on your nuptuals....i'm looking forward to reading all about it.

secondly, i LOVE those earrings--they are gorgeous!

Ms. Grrrl said...

Thanks for the congrats -- aren't the earrings fabulous!?! I just found a great necklace that would be perfect with them... so... I may have to take the plunge into pierced-ear-ed-ness.

sera said...

I love love love the earrings, but if you don't want to put up with earrings in general, I say don't pierce your ears again. I have 3 ear piercings (one that my neighbor did for me with a safety pin when I was 13 - what the hell was I thinking?) and most of the time, I don't change my earrings at all. I was once told by an earring sales woman that "if you don't change your earrings, it's just like adding moles to your ears." I still can't figure out if she was being rude or just defensive because I didn't want to buy her earrings. But I digress.