Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Dress from Janay A. Handmade

It's all I've been able to think about the past two days. Yes, I have to clean the house. Yes, I have a zillion things to do for work. Yes, my to-do list is madness-inducing. But all I've done during my two snow-days home from teaching is think about my dress.

I found it. I found it. I found it.

I NEVER thought I would become the crazy wedding person that I have suddenly turned into. I fall asleep thinking about necklines or tablescapes. I spend my free moments thinking about how to turn folders into envelopes. I'm spending hours on browsing page after page of handmade dresses. Who is this crazy girl?

Well... it paid off yesterday, when I typed in "wedding dresses" into etsy's search engine. 90 pages of dresses showed up. On page (I kid you not) 89, I found my dress designer.

Near the end of August, I came across a photo on a wedding blog. The bride was wearing a dress that I thought was perfect: short, crisp, vintage-looking. I couldn't find it anywhere. I had no idea where she got it. There was no information available. So I just kept the picture of it in my mind -- along the way, I came across a lot of other options. I got semi-excited about some of them, but I always came back to that one mystery dress. Well yesterday, I found it... only better.

It's everything I had in my head plus stuff I didn't even know I wanted. AND -- it's two pieces so I can actually wear it again (with a different skirt or shirt). AND it'll be handmade by a hip young designer using eco-friendly materials. AND it costs 1/3 as much as all the other dresses that I like. It couldn't be more perfect.

So.. hunting works. I didn't have to settle. I'm so excited. YAY.

Have you found your dress yet?


Loaf said...

Hey, congrats on finding the dress and on your engagement! And Thanks for the link!

I'm a teacher too! Used to teach HS English, now I'm teaching college freshman while I get my MFA.

Anyway, welcome to the lesbian wedding blogging world!

east side bride said...

Aha. Obsessive etsy surfing pays off.

Do you promise to wear equally slammin shoes?

Ms. Grrrl said...

Um... definitely. That's the whole point of wearing a short dress. Any suggestions?

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's awesome. Also super hilarious that you found it on the 89th page. That is something I would do.

Any chance your shoes will be like that, too?

Retailer said...

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